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Consider Breastfeeding Your Baby Before Adoption

If you are pregnant and you are not in a good position to raise a child, then you may consider giving your child up for adoption. Your child is likely to find a permanent home very quickly, especially since only about 1% of all babies born in the United States are given up for adoption. Prospective parents are usually placed on long waiting lists as well. If you think that giving up your child is best for your baby’s future, then make sure to solidify the health of your newborn by breastfeeding while in the hospital. Keep reading to learn why this is important and also find out what you will need to do.  The Importance of Breastfeeding Many mothers will breastfeed their newborns very soon after giving birth. In fact, some people suggest breastfeeding right after the delivery. If you decide to hold your child for a short period of time after the birth, or if you decide to spend a day or two with your baby in the hospital, then consider breastfeeding. Mothers produce a special kind of milk right around the time their children are born. The milk is called colostrum, and it will protect your baby from infections and viruses. Specifically, the milk contains antibodies from your own immune system that will help your child stay healthy. Also, the milk will help to loosen the stool so your baby can pass feces soon after birth.  Your body is not likely to produce a lot of the colostrum milk right away, but even a little provided to your child will offer immune assistance. Your newborn will likely...

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Hi! My name is Melissa. My husband Louis and I have been married 32 years. Our two children are grown and have children of their own. Louis and I have been through some rough times in our many years of marriage. In the beginning, I was frightened when we hit a rough patch. I was so afraid that a divorce was going to be in our future. However, we started going to marriage counseling after we had been married about seven years. We would take long breaks from counseling and then go back when necessary. We also attended some weekend relationship retreats. These things have helped us form a deep bond, and I never fear divorce anymore. I would like to share some of our counseling and retreat experiences with you. I hope that you will consider taking action if your marriage should fall upon a rough time.