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Keeping a Marriage Fun and Exciting

Hi! My name is Melissa. My husband Louis and I have been married 32 years. Our two children are grown and have children of their own. Louis and I have been through some rough times in our many years of marriage. In the beginning, I was frightened when we hit a rough patch. I was so afraid that a divorce was going to be in our future. However, we started going to marriage counseling after we had been married about seven years. We would take long breaks from counseling and then go back when necessary. We also attended some weekend relationship retreats. These things have helped us form a deep bond, and I never fear divorce anymore. I would like to share some of our counseling and retreat experiences with you. I hope that you will consider taking action if your marriage should fall upon a rough time.

3 Tips For Placing Your Baby For Adoption

Deciding to place a baby for adoption is a complicated and potentially scary decision. But if you know you are not in a place to give your baby the life it deserves or raising a child just feels impossible right now, adoption can be a great option. Deciding to place a baby for adoption means helping another family come together while also giving yourself the freedom to wait to have a family. Here are three tips for placing your baby for adoption:

Consider Both Open and Closed Adoption

The two main categories of adoption are open and closed. In an open adoption, you will be allowed to remain in the child's life after the adoption and the child will definitely be told they were adopted. In a closed adoption, once the adoption is finalized, you will not see the child again, and it is up to the adoptive parents to decide how much to disclose to the child.

The main benefit of open adoption for birth mothers is that they can have a relationship with the child, while still respecting the adoptive parents' role. The main benefit of closed adoption is that it prevents confusion for you and the child and allows you to move on with more closure. Only you can decide which option feels right for you.

Be Involved in Choosing the Adoptive Family

Helping decide which family can adopt the child is something many biological mothers find empowering. It means you have the ability to place your child in a home where you feel confident they will be loved and happy. At some adoption agencies, the biological mother can specify certain circumstances or qualities she would prefer. You may also be able to interview prospective adoptive parents in person to choose the family you feel best about.

Find New Goals to Focus On

Placing your baby for adoption allows you to have a fresh start after your pregnancy. It's important to take this time to consider where you would like your life to go next. Maybe you will go back to college, start a new career in a field you're intrigued by, take up a new hobby, or learn a new skill. This will give you something positive to focus on during a potentially difficult time.

Placing a baby for adoption is an incredibly brave thing to do. By following these tips, your process will be a little easier.